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February 6, 2018
Oil Sands Magazine
Increasing Pipeline Capacity - Without Building New Pipelines

Privately-held Fractal Systems says it's now ready for "commercial deployment" of its partial upgrading technology in the oil sands. From August 2016 to August 2017, the company ran a 1,000 bbl/day demonstration plant near the town of Provost, Alberta. Over 225,000 barrels of bitumen were partially upgraded using the company's Enhanced JetShear and Acid Reduction Process (ARP).

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September 20, 2017
JWN Energy
How Cenovus Energy is reinventing the oilsands

You’ve heard of driverless cars, but how about unmanned SAGD projects? “If we can put production systems on the seabed, we can de-man oilsands,” says Kieron McFadyen, Cenovus’s executive vice-president and president of upstream oil and gas. Speaking at Cenovus’s annual investor day in June, McFadyen said, “For new next-generation SAGD...

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Aug 23, 2017
JWN Energy
Cenovus Energy hints at promise of Fractal Systems diluent reduction tech

Like other thermal oilsands operators, Cenovus Energy is testing a variety of downhole technologies to cut costs.  Its work on diluent reduction could have a massive impact.

The completion of engineering designs this year will give Cenovus a better idea of the next step toward commercializing a process to take away the need to mix costly lighter... (Read More)

fractal-facility4Dec 7, 2016
Bitumen Processing Plant NE of Provost Upgrades Technology

A heavy oil processing demonstration facility north-east of Provost has been recently upgraded and is processing 500 barrels of heavy oil per day, creating a thinner oil that moves easier through pipelines.
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Commercial-Demonstration-Plant 4May 4, 2016
Bitumen Processing Testing ‘Passed with Flying Colours’

An experimental heavy oil processing facility northeast of Provost is being expanded. More testing will take place using a process that reduces the viscosity in bitumen which leads to less diluent being added to transport oil through pipelines.
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Creating Value Efficiencies
For Heavy Oil Producers

Fractal is in the business of processing /upgrading heavy oil and bitumen using proprietary technology that
has significant cost advantage over alternatives.