JetShear Technology Platform

Using JetShear heavy oil producers can meet pipeline viscosity requirements using significantly less diluent.

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  • Reduce diluent by 40-50%

  • 15-20% more bitumen in the pipeline

  • Successful field demonstration 2014 / 2015

Enhanced JetShear

  • Reduce diluent by 50-60%

  • Improve product value by upgrading with <1 wt% olefins

  • 20-25% more bitumen in the pipeline

  • Commercial field demonstration in 2016/2017

  • Patent granted August 2017


  • Reduce TAN < 1.0 mgKOH/g

  • Remove corrosion concerns and discounts

  • Commercial field demonstration in 2017

  • Patent pending application

Applying JetShear

Fractal’s JetShear technology is applied in the field or terminal where heavy oil or bitumen is blended with diluent for transportation via pipeline or rail. JetShear can dramatically reduce the amount of diluent that is otherwise required to transport the heavy oil to market.

Tests run in Fractal’s laboratory in Sherbrooke, Quebec and validated in commercial scale field pilot facilities indicate that JetShear can reduce the diluent required for meeting a pipeline’s viscosity and density specifications. Laboratory tests indicate up to 60% of diluent can be eliminated for a typical Canadian bitumen (i.e. 6.5 - 8.0 API)

These results provide operators with the ability to materially reduce costs and environmental

impact associated with transporting the heavy oil to market while at the same time having a negligible impact on volumetric yield.

In addition, the stable JetShear products have other quality improvements including reduced density, sulfur, TAN and olefins content below pipeline specification. Tariff costs and environmental impacts are reduced due to reduced volumes being handled.