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Industry Experts to Support the Company

Calgary, Alberta – Michel Chornet, Interim President and Vice President of Engineering and Technology Development for Fractal Systems is pleased to announce that the company has formed an Advisory Board to support development and commercialization of the company’s technologies. Joining the Advisory Board are Dr. Parviz Rahimi and Dr. Len Flint. These individuals will be joined by additional experts as the technologies are commercialized.

Dr. Parviz Rahimi – Dr. Rahimi obtained his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Alberta in 1980 and joined Natural Resources Canada in 1981. For 32 years he has conducted research on the upgrading of heavy oil and coal; first at the CANMET laboratories in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and later a senior research scientist in the primary upgrading division of the National Centre for Upgrading Technology (NCUT) and CanmetENERGY in Devon, Alberta, Canada. He has extensive knowledge of partial heavy oil upgrading including using thermal conversion (such as visbreaking) and partial de-asphalting for the purpose of reducing diluent requirements for pipeline transportation. He has established a research network focused on the understanding of bitumen and heavy oil processing with universities, government departments, private research organizations, as well as major oil companies across the globe. Currently he his Adjunct Professor at the University of Alberta and has a role of Industrial Advisor to Engineering students.

Dr. Len Flint – Dr. Flint is President and Principal Consultant of LENEF Consulting (1994) Limited, Calgary, with experience in a wide range of oil sands projects, from the design of operating units to high-level research and development. Before founding his consultancy, Dr. Flint worked for 25 years with Shell Canada Limited. He holds a B.Sc., D.I.C., and PhD in chemical engineering from the University of London, England. Len was with Shell Canada for over two decades, where he managed the research development of oil refinery processes and bitumen upgrading. He has assisted in the design of key units at the Shell Scotford refinery and upgrader, and led the team that produced the Oil Sands Technology Roadmap for the Alberta Chamber of Resources. He has advised other oil sands industry companies in areas of partial and full upgrading technology and economics.

Fractal Systems Inc. is a private Canadian company with offices in Calgary, Alberta and Sherbrooke, Quebec. Fractal is engaged in the business of processing/upgrading heavy-oil and bitumen, by applying proprietary technology that has significant cost advantage over alternatives. The company will be active in manufacturing & licensing systems to oil producers and mid-stream companies.
JetshearTM, Fractal System’s first technology, has been successfully piloted in Canada. The technology dramatically reduces the viscosity of heavy oil allowing the oil to move more freely in pipelines for transportation. This result provides the owner or transporter of the oil to significantly reduce their costs associated with moving it. In addition, the heavy oil processed by JetshearTM has a reduced density.

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